waning crescent : a summer of recuperation

Ah, the waning crescent. A time of recuperation, and of preparation for the next cycle. A time to clear your mind, wrap up any loose ends, and relieve yourself from the tasks and feelings of the past cycle.

What a perfect metaphor for how these past few months have been for me!

The past four months have felt a bit like a blur to me, truth be told. From finishing my graduate studies and moving back home to Ontario, to preparing for — and passing! — my qualifying exam, and everything in between, it has been a series of adjustments and big changes. It has been a blur of excitement, anticipation, and truth be told, a bit of stress and frustration. Mostly excitement, but it would be unrealistic to expect to move through so much liminal space and transformation in such a short period of time without a bit of resistance or set-back.

summer 2018 - bewdley

With everything that has been going on over that time period, I have really focused on spending time with loved ones and myself, and getting out into nature to connect, ground, explore, and play, as often as possible. Focusing on the textures, the sounds, the smells of nature — the way the light plays and bounces off of trees, clouds, and water alike, all the life I can grow or nurture in my own little patch of earth… I’ve been focusing on rejuvenation and connection during this time, trying to listen to what my body needs in order to feel safe, healthy, grounded, and joyful.

And with that, the current moon cycle, and the impending change in season in mind, I wanted to take the time to stop in, say a brief hello, and share some shots from my on-going adventures as we move into this new cycle and phase. It felt appropriate to share today as I reflect on some intentions I tend to put into action and some of the things I have already set in motion. Professional registrations, health and personal practices, creative endeavors I’m itching to complete… and so on! 

If you’re in a period of transition yourself, may this little note find you well, and serve as a reminder or permission to take the time to nurture yourself, and to inject your life with a little bit of play and love.



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